Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where A Writer Is At His/Her Best: Journal 3 on blog

Hello students, and let's practice using the blog today by writing a response to one of the short stories we read for class.

Note: To make a new entry, on the blog you must be signed in, and then look to the upper right and the New Post tab. To comment, you can use the space below the entry, or click on the comment tab to refresh the window.

You may choose a story to respond to from either Joyce Carol Oates or one of the stories by Stuart Dybek that we read for class.

1) What character or idea really stood out to you in this story? What meaning did you get out of it? Why?
2) What does this writer do well? To you, where does the writing really shine? Pick a favorite passage and quote it in your response. Then reflect upon why you choose that and why you think it's good writing.

3) Hit Publish Post to post your entry, and then write comments to three other students in the class once you read their blog posts.

Have fun!


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