Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where are you going, Where have you been

I liked the character of Connie because she is relateable. She is a young teenager who is curious about many things, especially boys. I read somewhere online that she wrote this story after hearing about a man that had murdered a young teenage girl. This story reflects a lot on that. I found that the meaning was powerful in that, no matter who you are you have to be careful.

Also, I though it was clever that Oates character Arnold Friend's intials are A. Friend. The story goes to show that no matter how sure you might be of someone, you really can never be too sure.

I liked the descriptions of the differences between Connie and her sister June. And about how their mother had different relationships with the two.


  1. I agree a lot with the fact that you do have to be careful all the time, no matter who you are. it's so true because at any moment something could happen and that is just life. I also like the clever way that Oates made arnolds initials A. Friend. It seemed like he was trying to tell us something all along.

  2. I too loved how Arnold was A. Friend, it was one of the better creative aspects.

    It's good that you did outside research about the murder because it helps you better relate to the reading. It is a scary world out there.

  3. Its great that you are an active reader! It is very true that you always have to be careful. You can never trust anybody until you really know them.

  4. You can tell that this story really meant something to you. And it does send a powerful message that everyone should take into consideration. I have to agree with you on the initials. It was strange when I first read that and noticed the initials, I visioned in my mind someone air quoting the name in a sarcastic voice. I wonder if that's what the writer envisioned or wanted the reader to notice or feel obligated to somewhat want to disregardful this character completely. Almost forcing us to feel annoyed...I don't know maybe that's just me.