Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Intro To My Short Story "Charles & Julia"

I was inspired to write my short story based on the painting “Nighthawks.” I focused on the man and the woman sitting together at the counter. Although there were other characters to look at, I felt that the woman’s seemingly bored expression and the man’s disinterest was telling more of a story than the lone man at the other end of the counter and the waiter cheerfully serving his customers. The face of the man seems impassive and guarded. The woman’s does as well, but I see hers as a front. Something is definitely happening between the two of them, and I felt that it was not necessarily a positive experience. I also felt that it was related to a relationship they had together, and that they were having some sort of conflict felt more keenly by the woman than the man.

However, I felt that their story goes on much longer than this assignment does. I would appreciate feedback on how to best end this story and make it a true “short story.” It feels more like the chapter of a book, which I suppose many short stories are, but I still feel my skills lack in the area of endings.

Leah M Cottrill

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