Thursday, April 15, 2010


1) The character that stood out to me in this case was the narrator. It's kind of like a bird's eye view, in a way. Like you kind of see where the narrator is coming from but the girl who the writer is speaking of seems to have a very distinct way of sharing with us, who this girl is. The dialouge sort of catches you off guard a little. It's just kind of out there.

I'm unsure about the meaning. The title helps with the story but the fact that the main character cares about these animals but not enough to name them (or maybe too much to name them) seems a little odd to me. But I guess she may be more spiritual, so that could explain it.

2)The writer does an awesome job with visualization, for such a short story. The writer takes you through this character's bizarre world.

"She never caged them, let them wander in and out of her life-dogs,cats,rabbits,birds...."This was my favorite line because it's a great line for visualization and it pulls you further into the story. I mean who does that? I'ts just a neat way of using visualization.


  1. yea i think the story does do a good job of painting a visual picture for the reader. although i am not hundred percent sure i got the story because it is so short but it's very detailed

  2. I found that the quote you chose on number two was interesting. when I originally read it I didn't think much about it and I was more attracted to the last line of the story, But it is a great line of visualization and Stuart Dybek is really good and visualizing.