Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Dream Man

AppleCenter is a large and populous city. The historical background, diversity, entertainment and the very large Colonial like buildings are the things that attract people from all over the country. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and shopping centers, a person can find many things to do and places to go for fun. For me, one of those areas is in downtown AppleCenter on Main Street. Along this street close to the beach lies many different types of cafes, shops, restaurants, and other establishments. I often find myself spending many nights on this street sitting in one of the restaurants or cafes. Regularly that is how I enjoy the beautiful view of the city after a long day of work or school. A city girl is what I am. I live with my two doting parents in a beautiful house on the hiltop just 10 miles away from Main Street. Peacefully, of course.
I was awakened by my mother since I pressed the snooze button on the alarm clock at least six times this morning. I did that because I was really sleepy and my pillow top mattress was not helping at all. Even though I was not excited to run some errands, I was up with a Garfield-like smile from ear to ear knowing that I had another pleasant dream. It was the same dream again; a dream about a man which is now making me impatient. It was the kind of dream that takes place in a beautiful field full of sun flowers surrounded by a large forest and it always seemed to have two people chasing each other playfully. Well that is the exact same dream that I had. The man that was in my dream was as close to perfection as possible. This ideal person is considered in the beholder's eyes as a person to spend an eternity with. His eyes were very deep, dark, and had long eye lashes, which provided the eyes with meaning and character. He had a dark-brown complexion, a pleasant smile, and full luscious lips. Regardless of his physical features, he had characteristics in a man's personality that are significant as well. He would be able to see that I am thinking and was very charming with his words. He would also laugh at my silly jokes like no other. “Hmm, I hope this is telling me something! Parhaps, this dream is fortelling something very interesting about the future. I like I like,” I said to myself with a smile on my face. I can’t seem to understand why a dream this mysterious hunts me in my sleep everynight. That is something I need to find out before I lose my mind.
Days pass by and I still haven’t heard or seen such a man. There is a possibility that this man could be living here with me. So anyway, I got ready for a beautiful summer day and rushed through the door. While I was grocery shopping I saw a man that looks like the one in my dreams. There he was standing miraculously, looking and mesmerized by my beauty. He wore a very bright yellow shirt. As he walked towards me, I acted as if I didn’t see him and continued to shop.
“I know I’m not a grocery item but I can tell when you are checking me out.” He said with a confident smile.
Confused yet amazed, we talked for a little while and then exchanged numbers.
“What are you up to today?” He asked.
“My schedule doesn’t look so good but would love to grab a bite for lunch tomorrow, what do you think?”
“Sure, sounds good! I guess I will come by tomorrow at noon then?”
“Take care”
It felt so weird for thinking that I had found the one in a day; the one man I have been looking for. I thought I was insane and I must have been going crazy or something. Finally, I went back to my house, took a shower, got ready to watch T.V. and all I had been thinking about was him the whole time. I kept telling myself how perfect we would be together. It was during the next day; both of us were sitting in a small quiet restaurant with candles flickering that he, surprisingly, told me the dreams he had of me every night; just like the ones I had of him. We instantly fell in love with each other and became the most desired couple in town. Every night, we would name and claim our stars as we hold each other. It feels so comforting to be with someone who is wonderful. As we got to know each other, I noticed that we are different as night and day. Nevertheless, I wanted him in my life, very much.


  1. Well in a nutshell this seems almost too good to be true. lol Although I do feel for the character but you can't help but wonder if she is still dreaming. I mean I'm not saying it isn't possible but really?

    My favorite was the beginning, especially her eagerness to meet this mystery man. It was pretty entertaining, but I was surprised how the first meeting was so casual. You'd think it'd be more spontaneous or something. I think if you were to write with more detail it might move the story at a slower pace and build more excitement. Although you did hold my curiosity so really it's all up to you.

    Nice work, I just think it ended too soon.

  2. I think that this story, in a nutshell, is about a girl who dreams about the right man for her and then meets him the next day.

    I think the scene details are wonderful, but I think the story might need to be longer to work them into the plot. I could see that the characters' love could develop and be centered around the city. I also think that maybe it was a little hurried in the plot, so if more of a timeline or plot was added to the story, it would be a strong piece.

    I love the idea of falling in love with a dream man, as it touches the fantasy that a lot of girls probably have in their life. Sometimes its just fun to indulge in that train of thought for awhile.

    All in all, develop this one further and I think it will be great!

  3. Nutshell: About a Woman who finds the man of her dreams and really wants to go out on a date with him and he finally asks her.
    This was a great story to read. Im glad you chose this story it really was strong. I focused on setting the scene this day and I think you did a great job with that. Your whole first paragraph did a great job setting up the scene and I really feel like I was there.

  4. In a nutshell this is a story about a girl who dreams about her perfect man and the next day she seems to meet him. I thought that the dream was pretty vivid and was the best part of the story. This is also a very charming story. Very desciptive and good characterization. I do agree that the meeting with the man does seem a little causal but that didn't really bother me that much. i really think this story has some potential.

  5. In a nutshell I think this story is ablout a young woman who dreams up this man that is everything her heart desires. She finds out he is real and has been dreaming of her also and falls in love with him.

    Great job on your short story. I felt like you took a lot of time to describe her dream man but oce she finally meets him, everything happens way too quickly. You are very good at setting the scen and you chaacterizationof her dream man is very good as well! Great Job!